14 Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners

Best affiliate marketing programs for beginners

 Affiliate marketing annual spending is pegged at approximately 12 billion dollars by softwarefindr. A recent study by viglink shows that 9 percent of affiliate marketers make more than $50, 000 per annum. The affiliate marketing industry is one of the best to venture in and make money especially if you have a steady source of traffic.

With affiliate marketing you can make more than $1000 in a single sale and even more, but don't get carried away by the numbers, it's easier said than done. Don't expect to make that high especially if you are a beginner, but you can make a decent income from affiliate marketing if you really want to, it's all about learning how it works, putting in time, effort and also having a good strategy in place.

I'll show you what affiliate marketing is, the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners, best affiliate marketing networks and how to promote your affiliate products.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where a marketer is rewarded by way of commission for every product sold by the marketer. The way this works is that, the marketer
will choose an affiliate products he/she believes will sell and then promote the products to a chosen target audience.

 If any product is bought due to the marketer's effort, he/she is paid a percentage of that product's sale price or profit as the reward for his/her hard work.

The companies usually have a system in place for tracking each sale that occurred to confirm if truly the sale occurred through the product link assigned to you.

How to promote affiliate products

Having affiliate products to promote is not the only hurdle you have to deal, you also need to know how and where to promote your affiliate products.

Below are 4 ways you can promote your affiliate products.

1. Social media ads

First, you need to understand that to make money with affiliate marketing you need to spend money. You need money to make money if you really want to make money with from affiliate products on social media, your best bet is to buy ad spots on social media and target your audience with it.

You'll rarely make good amount of money if you just post links on social media and expect people to Click on it, except you're an influencer.

You can do that but if you want to increases the chance of selling affiliate products should consider running ads on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. I'll advise you get a Facebook ad expert to create click-worthy ads targeted to your audience so you don't waste your hard earn money with no conversion.

2. Use influencers

This is a sure way to promote your affiliate products and make sales. There are influencers out there with a good number of following, look for them and offer them a price for them to promote your product to their followers.

You'll sure drive hundreds if not thousands of their followers to your affiliate link and make a couple of sales. Look for mini-influencers with a good engagement rate that way you don't have to pay a lot to have them promote your products.

3. Blogging

Blogging is another great way of promoting your affiliate products if you've built an audience of readers. You can promote affiliate products relating to your blog content and refer your readers to it. Make sure the product you refer them to, is helpful to them and helps them solve their problem as this will increase the chance of them buying the product.

You can also decide to start a review website, where you review a product, give your opinion on the product and include a link to the site where they can get the product. Whatever you do make sure you provide value to your readers.

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4. Sponsored posts

An alternative method of blogging is to sponsor a blog post about your product on a good blog with good readership and pay them for it. This is good as the post will be permanent in the blog, unlike ads that are available for a limited time.

5. Banner advertising

You could also decide to place banners on a website with a good number of page views and pay them for it. Strategic placement of the banners on these blogs can get you good visibility, clicks and probably some sales.

6. Video marketing

Video marketing is another great way of promoting affiliate products at low cost especially for products that require demonstrations to convince the viewer that the product can solve their problem.
One great way of doing this is by becoming a YouTuber. All you have to do is create a YouTube video that helps your viewers learn or do something and then indirectly promote your products to them.

Best affiliate programs for beginners

Below are the best affiliate programs for beginner affiliate marketers.


1. Long tail pro

Long tail pro is a keyword tool for finding long tail keywords. This tool has an affiliate program that anyone can join; it offers a recurring 30% commission on all sales of long tail pro plans. What this means is that, you don't only get 30% as a commission for Initial payment but also as long the person keeps paying for the plan you'll get a continuous 30% commission.

2. Links Management

Links Management is one of the best link building services on the internet, it provides quality DA40+ backlinks to almost any niche for $9.99.
It has an affiliate program where it pays you for backlinks purchased by a client through your referral. It has two modes of paying its commission from which you can choose from:

1. You can choose to get $50 for every $100 spent by the client OR
2. Get up to 15% of any amount spent by the client you referred.

Either way, it is one of the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners.

3. Kwfinder

Kwfinder is another good keyword tool that has one of the best affiliate programs for beginners. It offers a 30% lifetime commission on every plan subscribed by a client you refer. As long as the person keeps renewing the plan, you'll get 30% of every payment made by the person.

So for example, if someone subscribed for kwfinder basic monthly plan of $49, you'll get 30% ($14.70) of this and on every subsequent payment.

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4. Get response

Get response is a marketing software that specializes in email marketing, creating landing pages, creating marketing funnels and marketing automation.

If you get into their affiliate programs, you can choose to get a 33% recurring commission on every client that subscribes to their plan or choose their affiliate bounty program where you get one-time commission of  $100 for every client referred(this, however, depends on a partner agreement) that's why it made our list of best affiliate programs for beginners. Check out their affiliate program page to learn more.


5. Siteground affiliate program

Site ground is one of the best web hosting companies with one of the best affiliate programs for beginners. It offers great commissions to its affiliates, the more people you refer to their products, the more commission you'll get per sale. Below is the commission you get based on the number of sales made per month.

1)  For 1-5 sales per month, you get $50 per sale
2)  For 6-10 sales per month, you get $75 per sale
3) For 11- 20 sales per month, you get $100 per sale.
4)  For sales above 21 per month, you get custom commissions

Another reason why site ground affiliate is great for beginners is that, it pays weekly with no minimum payment thresholds.

6. Inmotion hosting affiliate program

Inmotion host is another great affiliate program for beginners. All you need to do is just sign up, place your ads in places they'll get seen and if anyone purchases a product, you get a commission.

Just like siteground, they offer an attractive commission to their affiliates. Below is how their commission is structured.

1) Sales in between 1-10 per month gets you $50 commission per sale
2) Sales in between 11-20 per month gets you $80 commission per sale
3) Sales in between 21-30 per month, gets you $120 commission per sale
4) For sales above 31 per month, contact them for custom commissions.

Inmotion makes monthly payments to their affiliates; they also have an affiliate referral bonus.

7. Hostinger

Hostinger is a web hosting company with an affiliate program where it promises it affiliates with at least a 60% commission from any sale made by them. They provide their affiliates with promotional content like banners to help you promote their product and your own affiliate account manager.

It's a great affiliate program for beginners to try out.

8. Bluehost

This is another great web host that made our list of best affiliate marketing programs for beginners. Bluehost offers its affiliates a $65 commission for every client you refer to them. It's that simple, just sign up with them and you can start promoting their products.


9. Skyscanner affiliate program

Skyscanner is a well-known travel search engine for flights, hotels and car hire. Skyscanner offers its affiliates 50% revenue from every sale brought in by an affiliate. So, this means if you brought in a sale and Skyscanner made a $20 revenue, you'll get $10 as commission. They also pay their affiliates $1 per app installed by any person.

10.  Booking affiliate program

Booking.com is one of the biggest online hotel booking sites in the world with more than 2 million properties in more than 200 countries. You can join its affiliate program where you can earn up to 40% commission from bookings made through your site.

11. Amazon affiliate program

The Amazon affiliate program also known as Amazon associates is an affiliate program for anyone who wants to become their affiliate such as bloggers and website owners. If you own a travel blog, you could join Amazon affiliate and promote travel products to your readers. Although the commission rate varies, it's still one of the best affiliate programs for beginners.


If you are into cryptocurrency, there are good affiliate programs you can look into. Below are some of the best affiliate programs for beginners with interest in cryptocurrency.

12. Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the best platforms for buying, selling and managing a portfolio of cryptocurrencies. It is insured and so you need not worry about the safety of your funds.

It is not only limited to Bitcoin, but you can also trade other digital currencies you like. It has an affiliate program suitable for beginners; you will have to submit an application which has to be approved to become their affiliate.

When accepted you have access to your own dashboard and promotional materials for promotion. Their commission rate is also good; you get 50% of the amount of money traded by your referrees for the first three months.

13. Xcoins

Xcoins is a cryptocurrency wallet where you can keep your bitcoins and also a platform for borrowers and lenders. You can also trade them if you like. It also has an affiliate program for people who want to earn by promoting their platform, just like coinbase their commission rate is up to 50% of fees traded by anyone you refer.

With Xcoins, you can earn in 3 ways; by introducing lenders, borrowers, and even other affiliates. The interesting part is that these commissions are recurring, which means as long as your referrees continue trading in the platform, you will be receiving a commission. This is one of the best affiliate programs for beginners to try out in the cryptocurrency niche.

14. Cex.io

This is another cryptocurrency trading platform with an amazing affiliate program for beginners. As an affiliate, you earn 30% of every fee on an exchange transaction. All you need to do is get a referral link, share your link in various places, and get a commission on every transaction carried out by the users.

Best affiliate networks for beginners

Clickbank is an affiliate marketplace for digital products that serve people in 190 countries worldwide. This is one of the best affiliate networks for beginners’ especially if you don’t want to deal with physical products that involve the delivery of items to consumers.

Clickbank has more than 100 categories with over 6 million products from which an affiliate can choose a product to promote and it also has a straight forward sign up process to get started right away. It’s a good affiliate network for beginners to try out.

CJ affiliate is one of the biggest and best affiliate networks because most of the best brands in the world can be found on it. Most of the best affiliate programs for beginners listed above can be found on CJ affiliate. CJ affiliate works best when you have a website and great for beginners of affiliate marketing.

17. Jvzoo

Jvzoo is another digital product marketplace that beginner affiliate marketers can join. It has over 800,000 affiliate marketers on it and over 6000 sales are made on this platform per day. It has a fast payout process and a simple sign up process.

18. Awin

Awin is also an affiliate network marketplace with great brands on it, it has over 16500 brands on the platform. They have different promotional tools to help in promoting their products and with also good commission rates. You can become an affiliate at absolutely no cost to you and start earning.

Flexoffers is an affiliate network that offer its affiliates up to 50% of their earnings, it has over 12000 affiliate programs on it. Your application will have to be approved before you become an affiliate on their platform. Flexoffers is one of the best affiliate network for beginners to try out.

Wrap Up: Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners.

There are lots and lots of affiliate programs out there for anyone who wants to become an affiliate but not all are good for beginners. I have taken the time to sort out the best affiliate programs and best affiliate marketing networks out of the many for beginner affiliate marketers to try out. You can experiment with the affiliate programs listed up there and see which one works best for you.

If you have any other program worthy to be in our list of best affiliate programs for beginners, feel free to comment below.

I believe you've gotten great value here, share it with others. You could be helping some out there. Don't forget, sharing is caring.


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