10 Free Twitter Automation Tools to Increase Followers

Twitter is one of the popular social media platforms used by individuals and businesses today; it has about 330 million monthly users. And considering that the average person has about 7 social media platforms in 2016 (Globalwebindex), it could be difficult in keeping your twitter accounts fresh with content consistently.

That is why there has been a development of various automation tools for Twitter, this is particularly helpful for businesses who want to schedule tweets for weeks ahead so they can focus on other important aspects of their businesses.

In fact, according to pew research, 25% of prolific Twitter users use some sort of scheduling software for their tweets, this shows that twitter automation tools could increase your productivity a lot. In this article, I will be showing you 10 Twitter automation tools to increase your productivity.

Without further ado, let’s get started

10 Twitter automation tools


Tweepi is one of the best AI-driven twitter automation tools right now, it helps you grow your twitter followers with the use of artificial intelligence.

With tweepi, you can grow your twitter followers by up to 100 followers every day, to get started sign up on tweepi and it will allow you to choose hashtags that describe your interest.

With these hashtags, tweepi uses artificial intelligence to show you recommendations on who to follow, unfollow and what tweet to like. It does all these with the aim of increasing your twitter followers and engagement.

It’s also one of the best free twitter automation tools as it allows you to get started for free. Although you can upgrade to a paid plan if you want it to help you build yourbrand on twitter faster.

Website: www.Tweepi.com


Twiends is another twitter automation tool you can use to increase your twitter followers. You only need to sign up with your twitter account and twiends guides you on how to increase your twitter followers; first, it recommends to you a list of people and then recommends you to other people to follow you.

All this for free, if on the other hand, you don’t want to follow people it has a plan where you pay only $1 to increase your followers. As I said, you don’t have to follow people, all you do, is just sit down and it gets you real followers for $1.

Twiends is a good twitter automation tool you have to try out. You can check out their website below to get started.

Website: www.Twiends.com

Tweetdeck was once an app on its own before it was acquired by Twitter. It’s not a full twitter automation tool per se but it allows you to do all your activities on twitter with a really beautiful dashboard.

It combines your home feed, notifications, messages, mentions, lists, what’s trending and a whole lot more all on a single dashboard and this makes it easy for you to do a lot of things without having to click on each navigation button.

And, it’s free to use, all you need to do is to sign up and you’ll be taken to your dashboard.

Social jukebox

Social jukebox otherwise known as tweet jukebox is not a free twitter automation tool but offers you a lot in terms of post scheduling. Posting on social media every single day is not an task easy but with jukebox, you cannot only schedule posts on twitter but also on other platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

With social jukebox, you can send posts over 100 times a day, it allows you to schedule posts that you want repeated a number of times in order to make sure that your followers see such posts.

It also automatically stores all your mentions every day and presents it to you in the form of a graph.


Twuffer is one of the best twitter automation tools I have come across; it has a total of about 425 thousand users. It really offers you a lot for free even though it has a paid option; it is a twitter post scheduler that allows you to schedule posts round the clock.

When scheduling tweets, you can upload images and links along with your tweets with the app. The free plan allows you to schedule up to 50 posts per month.

The paid option gives you the ability to manage multiple twitter accounts and also allows you to upload spreadsheets to schedule your tweets. It's a good free twitter automation tool you should try out.

Website: www.Twuffer.com


Twittimer is another good free twitter automation tool, it lets you not only schedule posts on twitter but also on Facebook and LinkedIn. On the free plan, you can schedule 10 posts with 3 social media accounts.

With a paid plan of $6.99, you can schedule up to 500 posts with 15 social media accounts and an all-round the clock customer care.

If you want more you can subscribe to its business plan, twittimer is one good automation tool not just for twitter that offers you more for less money. To get started, you can sign up on their website for free.

Postfity is a social media automation tool that lets you schedule tweets to twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Vkontakte all for free for a start with the option of upgrading to a paid plan.

Postfity shows you analytics of how your posts perform and saves you a lot of time that you would have spent scheduling posts manually.

For easy accessibility, postfity has an app where you can have access to your social accounts any day, any time.

You can start with the free plan on their website below.


Postcron is another free twitter automation tool that even offers you a lot by also allowing you to automate your posts to other social media platforms like Pinterest in addition to facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

You can start using postcron for free if you like and can upgrade to a plan to schedule more posts and link more accounts.

It allows you to include watermarks to your images when scheduling posts and you can also post up to 1000 tweets at a go.


Dlvrit is an automated social media poster for not just twitter but also for platforms like Google business, slack, Tumblr, slack and more.

It has a chrome extension to enable you easily share anything you want to post. With its free plan, you can connect 2 social media profiles and post up to 3 times a day. The paid plans offer you more though, but the free plan is enough if you want to manage your personal profiles.

You can visit Dlvrit website below to see how it works, it’s one of the best twitter automation tools to try out.

Website: www.Dlvrit.com


Buffer is a popular well-known tool that you can use to automate your Twitter posts and can even be used to automate posts to other social media platforms; you can achieve quite a lot with buffer.

You can get started with a free trial and then you can decide which plan to go for.

Website: www.Buffer.com

Wrapping it up on free twitter automation tools

Posting consistently on a platform like twitter takes a lot of time and energy, this can be easily done with twitter automation tools that you can start using for free.

They also increase your productivity by allowing you to save time. If you found this article helpful, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends. If you have any tool you’ll like me to know or have any contribution to make, you can use the comment box below.

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  1. Hi Sam, the tools you presented are fantastic and I have used a couple of them. However, I want to add that Untweeps is a remarkable tool as well. It lets you identify people you're following who are not tweeting or who have not been active on Twitter for up to six months.
    With such data,you can conveniently unfollowall such users and create space or new followers.

    1. Hi Moss,

      Thanks for your comment, never heard of untweeps but I'll check it out and will add it to my list when I update it.

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