15+ Profitable Small Business Ideas For Men

If you are a man looking for some profitable business ideas that require little to no startup capital, then you are at the right place. A lot of these business ideas that I will be mentioning are internet-based and so they are easy to start.

In this article, you’ll get to see at 16+ small business ideas for men to start going into 2020


 1. Amazon FBA Business

Amazon FBA is one of the best small business ideas for men you can decide to venture into. Amazon FBA Business involves selling a product on Amazon by taking advantage of the power and goodwill of Amazon.

It simply involves selling products branded in your name on Amazon even though you did not create such products. To get started, you need to register for a seller account with Amazon, after that you have to do a products search on Amazon to find the best selling products.

When you’ve decided on a product, you can then find a supplier and ship your products. When you receive these products you can brand them with any name and logo you like. After packaging your products, you need to take the products to one of Amazon fulfillment centers, create your listings on Amazon and promote your products to start making sales.

Amazon FBA Business though profitable is not as easy as it sounds, I'll recommend you check out this post by empire flippers for a detailed guide on starting Amazon FBA business. You can start this business with a little startup capital.

 2. WordPress website development

One of the small business ideas for men to try out is WordPress website development. Almost half of the websites on the internet is powered by WordPress because of its flexibility in creating a website.

That said, it is a very easy to do and profitable small business idea you can start as a man. Why? Well because it doesn't require any coding on your part. Being a website developer is much work because you will have to learn websites with languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

But as a WordPress website developer, you don't need to code websites, though knowing how to code website will be a plus, all you need is a theme, hosting and how to navigate through the WordPress dashboard and you'll have a website up and running in less than a day.

You can offer this service to a lot of people, all lot of business want to get their business online and you can create websites for these businesses in almost any niche there are in, because WordPress has templates and plugins to create almost any type of website.
This is one of the profitable small business ideas for men to try out without much hassle.

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 3.Freelance writer

The next on my list of small business ideas for men is to be a freelance writer. You can earn a decent income from writing for websites and blogs, I know many people don't take writing as a serious business but trust me; it is a profitable business that you can start with absolutely no money if you have an internet connection and a laptop. There a lot of writers who earn in four to five figures per month from just writing.

There are a lot of places online where you can find writing jobs, you can decide to specialize in writing for specific niches, although it is better to be a versatile writer. You can find writing jobs from the following sites:

1. Pay per hour
2. Fiverr
3. Simply hired
4. Upwork
5. Guru

You can kick-start your writing career by creating a profile on some of these platforms and begin writing for people.

 4. Business plan developer

There are a lot of people who want to start a business but don't know where to start from, there are people who also want a business plan to apply for a business loan. You can offer to write a business plan for them for a fee.
 And since you are doing this online, you need to create a website for your website and you can offer this service to almost anyone in the world because there are no restrictions when it comes to providing your service online.

You can also offer this service on freelancing sites like upwork and fiverr. This is a good small business idea for men, in fact when you search on Google for 'business plan developer' you'll see a couple of websites advertising this service apart from the organic results. This shows that it is a good idea to pursue.

 5. Social media manager

There are start-up businesses already have a lot on their hands and would need an extra hand in managing their social media accounts. You can also offer to manage the social media of individuals who want to grow their social media following.

All you need to do is just create a website as this will make you look professional and advertise your service. Your job as a social media manager is to manage the accounts of these businesses by posting relevant contents consistently and creating high-quality images with free tools like canva.

You can also offer this service through freelancing platforms. It is one of the cheap small business ideas men can do as a side business.

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 6. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is basically a way of selling goods online without having to keep the goods physically. It is one of the best small business ideas for men, with dropshipping you don’t need to worry about storing the products you want to sell.

 All you do is search for a profitable product, look for a manufacturer that produces such a product and can supply you consistently, collect orders from your customers and send it to the manufacturer. 

The manufacturer will take it up from there and send the goods to the customer.

This is easy, right? You don't even need to worry about how you'll transport the goods to the customer, the manufacturer will do that. The only place you put in work is in getting the orders from customers, so you can be sitting from the comfort of your room and be making some cool cash.

You can sell your products on notable sites like EBay, Amazon and Bonanza.

7. Create an app

You could earn money from just creating apps that helps people do something, all you need to do is come up with a business idea, hire a developer to develop the app, monetize it and upload to popular app stores like google play store and apple store.

It’s important that you don’t just create any apps with the hopes of making money, if you want to really want to be successful with this; you need to create apps that help solve a problem for a user. It doesn’t have to be a complex app, there are many simple apps out there that solve a problem for the user and are making money for people that create them.

You can monetize your app with Google admob and other app monetization networks, you also don’t have to pay a lot to develop an app. You can create an app yourself without coding a single line with platforms like appypie, they’ll host your apps for as little as $18 per month, they will help you submit your app to play store and also help you monetize your app.

It is surely one of the best small business ideas for men to start going into 2020.

 8. Create and sell eBooks

People always seek for information on how to do something or develop themselves. You can make money online by starting an eBook business. To get started, you need to come up with an eBook idea, do a little keyword research on it to see if people are searching on it and make sure it is not saturated.

If there is a tone of information on it on the internet, then there is no use creating an eBook since people can get the information you want to provide for free on the internet unless you have something unique and different to offer. You need to make sure that your eBooks provide value to your users and help them solve a problem.

You can sell your books on some popular platforms like amazon kindle to begin earning money.

 9. Domain flipping

Domain flipping is all about buying and selling domains, here you’ll search for a domain with good keywords that have meaningful search volume and resell them to other people who need such domains. It is one of the best small business ideas for men looking to make some extra income.

To succeed in this business, you need to deal with expired domains because they will already have had a couple of backlinks and maybe some traffic coming to it. You can sell these domains in places like afternic, DAN and sedo.

Other small business ideas for men

10. Create and sell an online course
11. Create and sell websites
12. Offer data entry service
13. App development
14. Develop and sell WordPress themes
15. Create an online store
16. Create a classified website
17. Offer graphic design service
18. Offer online marketing service
19. Offer Proofreading and editing service
20. Learn and trade forex
21. Start a consulting business

Conclusion on small business ideas for men

You can get started with any of these small business ideas for men in 2020, a lot of these businesses are online-based and so require little startup capital. All you need is just dedication and promotion for your business.

If you have any other business idea, feel free to comment below, don’t forget to also share with others as they’ll benefit from it also.

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