11 Blogging Skills Every Blogger Should Have

Do you want to start a blog or do you have a blog? Have you ever thought to yourself "what skills do I need to start a blog and run a successful blog"? The truth is, blogging just like any other business requires skills to be successful in it. This means you should not only asked how to start a blog but also what blogging skills do you need to have.

 The good thing is you can learn these skills; they are not inborn, at least to some extent. So back to the topic, what blogging skills does one need to have to become a successful and a pro blogger, in this guide you will get to know at least 11 blogging skills you need to have to be a pro blogger.

1. Reading and listening skills

Its important you know that every blogger is a reader but not every reader is a blogger. One of the skills every blogger should possess is a reading skill, as a blogger you are going to be writing lots of contents and on a consistent basis, which simply means you have to read a lot. Every blogger loves to read, they search for information like it is gold, and to be a pro blogger you need to learn how to read a lot books, related blogs, magazines, or anything related to what you are blogging about.

Another blogging skill you need to have is a listening skill. This means you need to follow already established bloggers in your industry and learn from them. Check out what makes people go to their blog,  what type of information they provide, how do they write and try to listen and learn what they are doing right that makes them successful. You should also follow their blog to learn as much as you can so you can improve yourself as a blogger.

2. Creative skills

One of the skills every blogger should have is a creative skill. If you want to be a successful blogger you need to be creative in both how you write and how you plan to keep visitors coming back to your website. You need to be original and innovative in how you provide content to your readers on your blog; this means you should be able to think of new content ideas for your blog.

 As a blogger you will face competition from related blogs, to stand a better chance, you should be able to produce better content that provides value to your readers.  Make sure your blog layout is great and your blog looks nice and clean, removing unnecessary clutter. Simply put, in everything you do, be creative.

3. Writing skills

A writing skill is one blogging skill every blogger is expected to have. As a blogger, you are expected to write content for your blog, not just any content but an engaging one at that, for this you must know how to write. This does not mean knowing how to write a bunch of text on a word processor or notebook but having the ability to write structured content that can be read easily by your readers because there are various formats for writing content for different purposes. 
Having a writing skill also means having the ability to transform your ideas into a good content and having the least grammar errors, therefore you need to have the ability to proofread. There are free online writing courses that you can take to improve your writing skills and grammar.

4. Research skills

This is a very important skill that every blogger needs to have. Every blogger must have the ability to research facts and ideas that would be added in their content. To stand out online, you need to create unique content; this means you must not copy other peoples content and present as your own. To avoid this, you must be able to do a research on your topic and write your own original content. No blogger will be successful in blogging if all they do is to copy other peoples content, which is why every blogger is expected to have a research skill.

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5. Technical skills

The Importance of having a technical skill as a blogger cannot be overemphasized, technical skills involves having the knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) and also having a little knowledge of HTML and CSS. To get your content discovered by search engines, then it is a must that every blogger has the knowledge of SEO.

There are times where you need to adjust or change some things in your blogs code, which is why it is important to have HTML and CSS skills. You don't have any knowledge of HTML and CSS but having them will certainly give you an advantage and will save you money by not having to pay someone to do a simple task you could have done by yourself.

For instance, you might want to install Google analytics on your site, set up Google search console or add a third-party code to your site to add something to your blog etc. All these require that you have both Technical SEO and Html and CSS skills.

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6. Networking skills

No one can succeed alone, this also applies to bloggers, to succeed in the blogging world you have to network with like-mind bloggers who are in a niche related to yours. This means as a blogger, you need to have a networking skill. This has a lot of benefits like attracting links and traffic from other blogs. You can build relationships with other bloggers through regular blog commenting on their blog and guest blogging.

You can also build networks by having a presence on social media and on forums. To do this, look for social media platforms and forums where your target network are likely to be and try as much as possible to main an active presence, follow them and reach out to them after some time.

7.  Image and photo editing skills

Having an all-text blog post will certainly not be as interesting as a blog post that contains images. There is a need to include image in your blog post because they make it easy for the reader to consume the content and also engage with it.

Therefore, as a blogger, you need to know how to design or edit images that are to be included in your blog post. There are lots of online tools that provide you with already designed template that you can edit to suit your blog post such as canva, but you need to know how to edit these images to fit into your blog content.

Whether you like it or not, as a blogger you have to in one point or the other deal with images to describe something to your audience, which means having an image editing skill is a must-have blogging skill unless you want to go around taking copyrighted images from other blogs, which could get your site penalized by Google.

8. Negotiating skill

 Another blogging skill a blogger should have is the ability to negotiate. This is because in your blogging career you will come in contact with a lot of people that you need to negotiate with. This is particularly important in guest blogging, negotiating the price to accept for a sponsored post or advertisement on your blog, contracting a web developer or SEO specialist to work on your blog and so on, the list is endless.  Negotiation skill is a blogging skill that a blogger should acquire.

9. Marketing skill

I really think any serious blogger should have good marketing skills. Going by the 80/20 rule, you should focus your 20% of your time on creating your blog content and 80% of your time should be spent on promoting your content by asking other bloggers to link to it or share it while offering them something in return and on other places like social media, forums, social bookmarking sites and so on.

Your marketing skill would determine significantly how successful your blog will be. It will determine how many people get to see your blog or how popular your blog will be. I think if there is any blogging skill a blogger should develop, it's their marketing skill.

10. Time management skill

Time management is a very important blogging skill to have. As a blogger, you are going to be involved a lot in a lot of things, especially if you are just starting out. Things like developing content ideas, researching and creating content, getting your content in front of your audience through content promotion, planning your blogging calendar and so on. For this, you need to have effective time management skills.

11. Perseverance

I know that this is less of a skill but trust me, as a blogger you will need a lot of perseverance. You are going to encounter a lot of difficult moments like the writer's block; short of content ideas, not getting traffic at the early stages of your blog, having to spend your time searching for facts and ideas to make up your content and a whole lot more. 

Through this period, you need to keep motivating yourself especially if you are blogging for a source of income and believe me when I say it will pay off in the long run if you do the right thing and you are consistent.

Final thoughts

There you have it, 11 blogging skills every blogger should have. Some of these skills will have to be learned from your experience along with your blogging career, so you don't need to wait until you have all of them. Experience they say is the best teacher. If you have any questions or point to add, comment below, I will love to hear from you. Also, share this article with your friends; I'm sure they will love it.


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