Video Marketing: Why You Need to Use It in 2020 and beyond

One of the recent trends in digital marketing is the rise in the use of video marketing. Video marketing has been discovered as a great way of interacting with people. The earlier most people include video marketing in their marketing strategy, the better for the growth of their businesses. Since video marketing is increasingly becoming the order of the day and proven to get great results, it's important that businesses learn how to use it. So, in this guide, I will be explaining what video marketing is and why you need to use it.

What is video marketing?
Video marketing is no special term; it's just marketing with the use of videos and placing the videos in strategic places where they are most likely to get seen by your target audience. Video marketing increases audience engagement and allows customers to resonate with your brand and whatever you are offering them. It incorporates videos in your marketing campaigns when you are promoting your product or service. Now, that you've known what video marketing is, we need to know what are the benefits of video marketing.

Video marketing benefits
Video marketing of course has a lot of benefits compared to picture ads. Among the benefits of video marketing include the following.

1. It improves engagement

People love videos and will pay attention to it if it's something that interests them. Most people engage with videos used in marketing products and services than just picture ads.  A lot of people are too lazy to read, but with video marketing, even the laziest reader is engaged.

2. It increases conversion rate

Because viewers engage more with videos. It is likely to increase your conversion rate. This is because your viewers are likely to respond to your call to action in your video.

3. Videos eliminate trust issues

If the viewers are seeing and listening to what your business has to offer them in videos, they are likely to trust your business. To succeed as a business, you need to gain the trust of your customers, this is especially true when you sell products or services online and customers need to trust you to deliver as you had promised and using videos can help viewers trust you more than other types of ad.

4. Better product demonstrations

 Customers might not know how useful a product or service is to them when you promote products through picture ads. But with videos, you can better demonstrate how important your products or services will be to your viewers. And, if they understand your products or service and how important it will be for them, they are likely to patronize you.

5. Videos get more shared

Because people love videos, they are likely to share it, which means more views and shares again. Also, videos can be shared effortlessly without much hassle.

6. Videos boost business professionalism

Using video marketing tells viewers you are a modern business. Using videos in marketing also tells your viewers how professional you are in your business.

Video marketing statistics that show video marketing trends

Below are statistics from trusted sources on the use and benefits of video marketing:

1. 87% of businesses use video as a marketing tool (wyowl)
2. 83% of marketers say video gives them a good return on investment (wyowl)
3. 96%  of people say they've watched an ad to learn about a product or service (wyowl)
4. 40% of millennials trust YouTube for content (Google)
5. Twitter videos are 6x more likely to be retweeted (Twitter) 
6. Twitter tweets with video see engagement that is 10x better than tweets without video (social media today)
7. Video gets more engagement than other types of content (social media today)
8. LinkedIn users are 20x more likely to share video content on the platform than any other type of content (social media today)
9. More than 50% of consumers want to see videos from brand (Hubspot)
10. Video on landing pages increase conversion by 80% (Hubspot)
11. Mention of the word 'video' in your email subject line increases open rate by as much as 19% (Hubspot).

These statistics prove that video marketing is an opportunity marketers and businesses can take advantage of to increase revenue. At this point, it is vital to know the different types of videos that are used in marketing.

Types of video marketing

1. How-to videos

When people want to learn how to do a particular thing they simply ask or search 'how to' do that thing they want to know about. That is basically the concept behind how-to videos. They aim to teach viewers how to do something. An example of where this type of video might come handy is when you have a product and consumers are finding it difficult using that product because they are new to it. You decide to make a short video explaining how to use your product. In this video, you could explain how your product works and what they will benefit from using it.

2. Product feature/demo video

Unlike how-to videos, product feature/demo video showcase the features that your product have that makes it stand out. It highlights the features of your product by putting to test and describing the way your product works. It is a great way of telling your viewers why they should use your product. Below is a product demonstration video from sinucleanse.

3. Testimonial videos

Testimonial videos show that your product really works. It is a way of showing viewers that your product can solve their problems by showing them testimonies from people who have already used your product or service. Testimonial video tells your viewers that they can trust your product in solving their problems and in helping them achieve their goals. Here is a video of a testimony from a customer about FreshBooks.

4. Event videos

Event videos are used to inform people about an upcoming event that is coming up. They include shows, conferences, parties, fundraiser or any other event at all. In this video, you can highlight previous editions of the event to give viewers a feel of how the event will look like.

5. Announcement video

This type of video is used to announce something your customers should know about like a product launch, business expansion or acquiring a new business.

6. Brand videos

These videos are there to educate people about your brand like your vision, mission, products and services. Its purpose is generally to acquaint people with your brand and to build brand and customer loyalty. Here is an example of a brand video from creative percept.

How to do video marketing

Now that you've know what is video marketing and the types of video marketing, we need to know how to start video marketing. Below are some steps to take to create awesome videos for marketing.

1. Come up with an objective

So before you embark on anything, you have to decide on what you want to achieve with your marketing video. For example, it could be to increase the awareness of your brand, launch a new product, to increase product or service sale, etc. This will guide you in what to do going forward.

2. Choose a video type

After you have decided on an objective you want to achieve, you must choose a video type that is based on the objective set. So if for example, you want to increase product sale, you have to choose a product feature and demo video because it highlights your product features and tells viewers why they should get your product. If on the other hand, you want to increase brand awareness then you need to choose a brand video.

3. Create a plan

The next step you want to take after selecting a video type is to create a plan. Here you have to set a budget for shooting the video, the equipment you will need, the skill you need like who will appear in the video, who will shoot the video etc., Where the video will be shot if it will be live (it doesn't have to be, you can create animated marketing videos), and also coming up with an idea for your marketing video.

4. Write the script

To know what you are doing, you need a script to guide you in the process of video making. A script will direct you on what to say and what to do in the video in order to get your message across to your viewers. It makes sure your video doesn't come out messy.

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5. Shoot and edit the video

This step only applies when you are shooting a video that has to include certain subjects. In this stage, you have to get the best hands to shoot your video and edit it to make sure it comes out nice and good. If you are making an animated video, you don't need to shoot a video; you only make the video with a video making software and edit it.

6. Choose promotion channels

You also have to decide what channels you are going to use for promoting your videos. You can choose to promote your videos on social media, YouTube, your website, or in online ads. After choosing the places you will put your video, you have to promote them so people can see them.

7. Measure performance

Here, you have to set performance indicators to measure the success of the video. It could be the number of product sales or the number of video views.


There you have it, your comprehensive guide to video marketing and what you need to know about it. Video marketing may seem difficult at first but if done right you will reap a lot of benefits from it. Follow the above tips to get started with video marketing. If you have gotten value from this article, share it with your friends. Don't forget to comment if you have any questions.

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