10 Tips to Improve and Optimize Your Social Media Ad Campaign

Social media ads are a great way of reaching more people and promote your business, product, service or anything you want them to know about.

 A lot of people have used social media ads as a way to give their business more visibility without much success. For your social media ad campaign to be successful a lot needs to be done in order to improve their conversion rate. 

Nobody wants to spend on ads that will not yield results, so in this guide, I will be showing you some tips to improve and optimize your social media ad campaign.

1. Decide on objective
One of the reasons most people don’t see a return on the money they spent on ads and why their ads don’t convert well is because they don’t know why they set up the ad in the first place. 

To improve your social media ad campaign, you must decide on the objective you want to achieve. 

Your objective may be to increase brand visibility, increase website visitors, increase lead generations or even increase sales. Just make sure you have an objective when creating social media ads.

2. Know thy audience
One of the ways to improve your social media ad campaign is to really know who you are targeting with your ads. 

If your social media ads are not performing well in terms of its conversion rate, you need to check if your ads are directed to the right people. 

To do this, you have to review who you target for your ads, check who your business appeals to most and who will be interested in what you are offering.

3. Pick the right social media platforms
A mistake most people make is to advertise on social media platforms that don’t convert well because their target audience can’t be found there.

 So in order to improve your social media a campaign, pick platforms where the people you are trying to reach will see your ads.

 You, therefore, need to research different platforms to find the right one for you because not all platforms are good for advertising all products or services. 

Take, for instance, you have a fitness product that you want to advertise, your best bet will be to create ads on Facebook and Instagram because they are likely to produce results than when you use platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. 

This is because they are for the corporate world and are best for products and services that appeal to businesses and organizations.
4. Diversify across different social platforms
Another tip to improve and optimize your social media ad campaign is to diversify across different social platforms. 

By so doing, you can reach a lot more people and have better results for your social media ad campaign. It's best to not overdo it, advertising on 2-3 different platforms should do.

5. Improve ad visuals
Sometimes your social media ads campaign doesn’t yield the desired result because its visuals are not great.

 You should communicate how professional your business is to people through your ads. 

This means your ads should be simple, professional and contain the needed word to push people to do what you want them to do, otherwise known as a call to action.

 To make this possible, you need to get a good copywriter to write an ad copy for your business and also get an excellent graphic designer to design a great ad for your business.

6. Increase your ad budget
Your ads may not be performing well because the budget you set for your ad is too small or not enough.

 To improve how your ads perform, you sometimes need to increase the amount you set for your ad. This is because your ad is likely to reach more people if your ad budget is big enough.

 And, your ad is likely to get approved by major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn if your ad budget is reasonably big.

7. Use videos
Most people tend to give a little more attention to videos than just static picture ads.

 When making ads for your business, you can decide to include a couple of simple videos as it could improve your ad conversion rate.

 With picture ads, some people might just skip it, but with videos it could retain the attention of your prospects for some seconds and this might just make the prospect watch the ad and can be converted to a customer especially if the video has great visuals.

8. Try remarketing
Remarketing is a process of showing ads to users or people who have in one way or the other interacted with your website or landing page before.

 Remarketing can be an effective way of improving how your social media ads perform.

In order words, remarketing is a way of tracking visitors who have either visited your website before, liked your page before, try to purchase something from your website, etc. and then showing ads to them wherever they go on a social media platform.

9. Experiment with different ad versions
Another way to improve your social media ad campaign is to experiment with multiple ad versions to find what works and what doesn’t.

 Here, you will have to create two different ads to find which one performs better and what makes it convert well than the other. 

With split testing, you will learn a lot of things about what people like or don’t like and a lot of other useful things about running social media ads.

10. Have a great landing page
When you create ads on social media specifically to increase sales of a product or service, you obviously need to have a place to send your leads to which could either be a website or custom landing page.

 If your landing page sucks, no one is going to buy from you. To improve your conversions you need to have a great landing page in place.

Running social media ads that convert well is not easy at all. A lot of social media ads don’t convert well because they are not set up properly and because the process is not planned well.

 There are a lot of things to implement if you want to improve your social media ads as already discussed above. Hopefully, you should see results if you follow the guide above.

 If you have any questions, let me know about it in the comment below and if you find this post useful don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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