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Website speed is one of the many ranking factors used by Google to rank websites on its result pages. The ideal loading time of websites should not be more than 4 seconds, a number slightly higher than that is okay but a load time less than 4 seconds is even better. The faster your webpages, the more traffic you are likely to get. There are a number of website speed testing tools you can use to test the speed of your website. I have compiled a list of 14 website speed checker tools below.


Gtmetrix is one of the best website speed test tool because of the details it provides you with on the performance of your website in terms of its speed. Some cool features of Gtmetrix are the tracking of your website’s performance over time, it allows you to set up an alert and then it notifies you when your page is slow, shows you how your pages load on different devices and how your pages perform around it 7 different test regions in the world. When you perform a speed test for a page, it grades you based on three metrics; page speed score, yslow score, fully loaded time and total requests.

     2 Pagespeed insights
Pagespeed insights

This is another top website speed checker. It analyzes your webpage, suggests ideas that will make that page faster and shows you passed audits. It shows how your web page performs both on mobile device and desktop. It grades the performance of your web page in the range of 1-100. A score within the range of 1-49 is considered low, a score of 50-89 is considered as average and a score of 90-100 is considered to be fast.

     3 Keycdn website speed test
  Keycdn website speed test

Keycdn tests the speed of a full page on your website. It gives a details breakdown of areas slowing down the speed of your page and shows it loading time. You can perform this test from its 14 test locations from different part of the world. It’s generally a good tool for website speed testing to see how your site performs and where to make improvements.

     4 Uptrends
Uptrends website speed test

I so love uptrends website speed test. It actually one of my best speed testing tools because of the details it includes when your web page is to be tested. Among its many features is the ability to choose whether you want to perform the test from a desktop or mobile device. When you want to use a mobile to test how your website, you can choose a device model and you can test your speed on native speed, 2G, 3G or a 4G network.
When you want to test from a desktop device, you can choose a browser from which the test can be performed. Uptrends has 10 test regions, you can pick any one of them from which you want your test to be performed.

5     5Dareboost
Dareboost website speed test

Dareboost is another web page speed testing tool. Just like other speed testing tools, dareboost shows you the loading time of a web page but in addition, it has two unique features. Web performance monitoring and website speed comparison. It monitors how your web page performs over time and along the way it detects any loading time issue.
It also allows you to test how your website or web page performs in comparison to that of your competitors in terms of its speed.

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      6Dotcom-monitor website speed test
Dotcom monitor website speed test

Just like the uptrends speed tester, with dotcom-monitor you can choose the browser type you want your web page to be tested with. It also has 20 test locations scattered around North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. It shows you the loading time from its 20 locations at a go. This robust website speed test tool shows you the load time of all page elements and other performance metrics for absolutely free.

7     7 Isitwp
Isitwp website test

Isitwp is a free speed test tool for Wordpress websites. Just like any other speed test tool, it analyzes how fast your Wordpress site loads and shows you how you can reduce your websites loading time. To see how your Wordpress site performs, simply insert the address of the web page you want to analyze and click on the “analyze website” button and Isitwp will give you details of the load time,  page size, requests, a performance grade and some suggestions for improvements.

     8 Pantheon website health check
Pantheon website health check

This is another free website speed checker. You can run a test from it 5 locations around the world. To run a test simply input the URL address of the webpage, choose a test location hit the ‘start your speed test’ button.

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     9 Cloudinary website speed test
cloudinary website speed test

This speed test tool is different from the traditional speed test tools. This tool is a speed test image analysis tool. Its focus is on how you can deliver optimized images to increase the speed of your website. We all know optimized images can provide a good user experience and at the same time reduces the time your website takes to load.  This tool analyzes all the images of your site and gives you suggestions in terms of the image size, quality, format selection, and encoding.

1    10.  SEO site checkup
SEO site checkup

SEO site checkup is a site that has a couple of free tools among which include the site loading speed test. It checks how long your website takes to load and gives suggestions for improvement. To perform a speed test for your website, input the URL of the homepage if you want to check how long your homepage takes to load or input the URL of a specific page to check its loading speed.

1    11.  Web page test

Web page test

Web page test is another site where you can run a speed test for your website from its different locations using different browsers and at real connection speeds. It’s a cool tool to try out.

1    12.  Load focus
Load focus speed test

Load focus is a great website speed testing tool. Simply enter your webpage URL to see results of how fast your website loads and to see assets that slow down your website. Load focus keeps track of your speed tests so as to enable you to compare different speed test results. You can test your website in different network (2G, 3G, and 4G, etc.) conditions to see how they load.

1    13.  Varvy

Varvy is one of the best website speed testing tools out there because of the details it provides you with. It gives a detailed result of why your website may be slow, in such a simple manner that can be understandable by anyone. It even includes other metrics good for the overall SEO of your site.

1    14.  Pingdom
Pingdom speed test

This list will not be complete without including Pingdom speed test tool. With Pingdom, you can carry out a test in 70 locations around the globe. It tells you what part of your website is slow and what part is fast. It’s very easy to use and you can try it for free.
Website speed checker tools are tools you need to be familiar with if you want to keep track of your websites loading speed because load time affects the performance of your website and it’s an important ranking factor. I hope you find this list helpful and don’t forget to share it with your friends, I’m sure they’ll also find it helpful. Cheers

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