7 simple ways to drive traffic to your website

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These days, a lot of people find it hard to drive to send traffic to their website after writing tons of content on their website. Well the truth is nobody finds it easy too, but you can’t just sit there and wait for traffic to pour in, it’s not going to happen. You need to put in efforts in order to drive traffic to your website and I’m going to teach you how to do just that in a couple of minutes. Below are 7 awesome ways to send traffic to your website.
1    1.    Write relevant seo optimized content
Good content sells itself. Making sure that your website contains relevant content is the first way to attract web visitors to your site. If you own a business for which you create a website for, make sure it have what you want your users to see. It should contain what your business is all about.

If you are a blogger, make sure that you provide content of value to your website users. It will naturally drive traffic to your website with little promotion. Your website should not say something else from what users want to see, so whenever you write contents for your website, make sure that it represents what it purports to represent. Writing irrelevant content is one way of driving visitors away from your website.

Writing relevant content not only has to do with writing content valuable to users but also writing it in a way that it will get seen by many. This is where writing keyword-focused content comes in. Whenever you want to write, make sure you include keywords with a good amount of search volume, that way you have a chance of your content reaching more people. Since the aim is to drive traffic to your website, it’s important to write contents that are not only keyword-focused but also SEO optimized. There are a lot of things to do when you want to write SEO optimized content. You can read how to that here in this post 

 2. Create social media presence

social media marketing

Another way to drive traffic to your site is to use social media. I know a lot of people will say it’s the same tired advice, but social media is still one of the best ways of driving traffic to your website. In fact one of the ways of driving traffic to a new site is to use social media because it could take months before you start getting traffic from search engines.

To start, you need to first create profiles and pages on different social media platforms and promote your website’s content on these pages with a link to your website. You can drive traffic from social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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      3.    Utilize forums

forum marketing

Forum marketing is a cool way of driving traffic to your website and a lot of people don’t know this. To get started, look for forums that are in your niche and that have a good amount of members, create an account with them and make sure you adhere with their guidelines before you post anything. 

Get to know the forum for some time just to get a feel of how the forum is like, so you know how to approach things. After you’ve done this, you can then contribute to the forum by posting useful stuffs when you comment on threads or when you create threads of your own. Make sure you add your website URL in your profile as your signature. Doing this can help drive targeted traffic to your website when people visit your profile or when they click your link when you make comments.

 4.    List in local directories
This option is more useful for business websites that offer a product or service. Listing in local directories can give your business a bit of more exposure which drives targeted traffic to your website. 

One popular directory to use is Google business listing. When you list your business in Google directories, your business have a chance of showing up in your in Google search results and when your business is shown, web users will see a couple of information associated with your site like your business address, telephone line, email and your website. A lot of people will click your website because that is the way they can easily interact with your business immediately. By so doing, your website will get targeted traffic from this business listing.

Apart from Google business listing, look for other look for other local directories to list your website to attract web users looking for your products or services near you. Local directory listing still remains a good way to send traffic to your website.

      5.    Practice blog commenting
Although blog commenting might not send you thousands of web traffic, it will send to your website hundreds of traffic if one right. To do this, you have to take some time out to comment on other people’s blog posts and build relationships with other blogger or website owners. 

When you comment on blogs, you have a chance to include a link to your website and if your comment is so good, it could get you traffic. So how does this happen? When you comment on other people’s blog posts, a lot of people are going to see it and feel you are an expert or at least knowledgeable about the topic and they just might be prompted to check out your website to get more information from you because you might have the information, product or service they are looking for. 

Be sure not to spam other people’s blogs because they are likely not to show your comments on their blogs. Make sure that the comment you write provides value to people.

      6.    Create a free giveaway PDF
Funny but true a free PDF can help drive traffic to your website. So how would you do this? The first step is to identify what topic you will on that teaches web users how to do something or how to solve a problem, this depends on your keyword research in order to find out what’s best to write on that is related to your blog or business. 

The next step is to write super useful content, make sure the PDF contains tons of valuable information and then strategically link back to your website in the PDF and promote it. Place a link to different pages in your website or to your homepage if you like. 

After this, you can then design appealing book covers and banners for the PDF offering it as a gift to all web users. This tactic can drive traffic to your website when people read the PDF and click on the link to your website.

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      7.    Guest post on other blogs

guest blogging

Apart from the fact that guest posting helps you with backlinks to your website, it can also help drive traffic to your website. To start guest posting, you first need to identify websites in the same niche as you are that accept guest posts. You can find sites that accept guest post on Google by typing the following search strings:

Your keyword + “guest post”
Your keyword + “write for us”
Your keyword + “Become a contributor”
Your keyword + “submit an article”
Your keyword + “submit guest post”

When you search for this on Google, you’ll get tons of websites that accept guest post articles for the keyword you want. After this, you can select the website that you want to write for. Make sure you check for the site’s domain authority using any domain authority checker, Go for sites with a fairly high authority may be from 20 and above if you are have a new website although the higher the DA the more difficult the chance of being accepted is, which means you need to have super useful original content to get accepted.

 Be sure to also check the guest post guidelines before submitting your post, this is because different websites have different guidelines. When your post gets accepted you not only get backlinks to your website which boost your rankings but also drive traffic to your website.

Make sure your site is search engine friendly
By making your site search engine friendly, I mean to optimize your website for SEO. First, you need to know organic traffic is the best traffic you can get to your website, Getting listed on Google first page along can send a lot of traffic to your website which depends a lot on your SEO and link building efforts. Before you get listed on Google result page, you need to make sure it is search engine friendly. This means it has to have simple navigation for search engine bots to crawl it; this is made easier with a sitemap. It must be mobile-friendly, it should contain keywords you want to rank for and be user-friendly. This makes users keep coming back to your site.    

You need to know that driving traffic to your website is not a day’s job. It takes time but can be fast tracked if done right and depending on your consistency and efforts. Either way, follow these 7 tips and I believe you’ll begin to see traffic to your site and do share this content to your friends, I’m sure they’ll love it, cheers.

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