Top Ten Keywords Research Tools For Seo

Keyword research tools
Keyword tools have become an indispensable tool when performing a keyword research. They help you carry out your keyword research in an easy way and based on facts.

Although there are many keyword tools out there, only a few provide quality information on the keywords you wish to rank for, in an understandable manner. It’s not all about searching for keywords, but being able to decipher meaning from the metrics about a keyword.

Hilyft digital has compiled top keywords research tools you can find online and that will suit your needs.

          1. Ubersuggest
Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool owned by Neil Patel and one of the finest keyword tools out there. To perform a keyword research or see metrics about a keyword, insert the seed keyword you wish to rank for or research about in the search bar.

 Ubersuggest will show you the difficulty level of the keyword, competitiveness of the keyword, cost per click, pay per click and monthly search volume. You can also tailor your search to a particular country. You also have the option to export this information in an excel sheet.

Another unique feature of Ubersuggest is that it gives you content ideas for the keyword you search for by showing related sites already ranking for that keyword, their estimated visits, and the respective shares they got.
Below are metrics from Ubersuggest for the keyword “seo basics”

Sample keyword reserch
keyword research example

     2.   word tracker

This is another good keyword research tool you can use to research keywords. Its shows you the volume, pay per click  for advertisers, etc. you can tailor your search to a particular country just like Ubersuggest, but it goes further by letting you see the metrics for each state of the country you choose. 

Word tracker also gives you related keywords for the keyword you search for.
You can export this information and store it for future reference. To do a keyword research, insert a seed word and see the keywords flow in.

sample keyword research

     3.   kwfinder

Kwfinder is one of the best keyword tools you can ever find online, it's cheap compared to what it offers. You can either perform a search by keyword or by domain. When you search by keyword, it shows you the trend, search volume, cost per click, pay per click and keyword difficulty.

It shows you the best performing website with the keyword you search for with the serp overview. You also get to see questions being asked by people relating to your keyword and their search volume. That way you can tailor your content to answering such questions.
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example of keyword research

     4.   Keyword everywhere

I personally love keyword everywhere, so easy to use. It is incorporated under the search bar of Google search bar. To see how it works, install the chrome add on or in Firefox add on and follow the procedures laid out by keyword everywhere.

After that, input your seed keyword in the search bar and keyword everywhere will give you information on the keyword based on 3 important metrics; the search volume, cost per click and the level of competition for the keyword.
Keyword research sample

     5.    Wordstream

Wordstream free keyword tool is another good keyword tool. To perform a keyword research, just enter a seed keyword and then choose your industry and country to see metrics, and you see a list of keyword suggestions and their Google search volume.

If you want to analyze a competitor’s website, you can enter the website URL to get keyword ideas that will help you to compete against them.

     6.   Google trends

‘Google trends’ shows you what’s trending on the internet. You can use these to create and develop new content ideas for you website. You can also key in a seed keyword in the search bar provided in order to see how the keyword is trending. It shows you related keywords and searches in its dashboard and also how the keyword trends overtime. 

Another feature is that it shows you how the keyword is the trending for the country you select and also for some states within the country.
keyword research example

     7.   Google suggest

Google suggest is one of the most underrated keyword tool. It’s actually one of the best keyword tool. This is because when you search for a term, google shows you other terms that are being searched and that are related to the seed keyword that you typed in the search bar.
 This could provide you with keyword ideas that will help you produce keyword focused content.
google suggest keyword research
sample keyword research

     8.   Google keyword planner

     Keyword Planner is a free Google Ads tool for new or experienced content writers. You can use Keyword Planner to search for keywords and see how a list of keywords might perform. You can search for keywords based on terms that are relevant to your product or service, website, or landing page.

You can use moz keyword explorer to do three things
·    Explore your site to uncover competitive opportunities
·    Explore by keyword for related suggestions, serp analysis, and performance metrics.
·    Create keyword list to manage your topics and prioritize keywords by metrics and serp features.

When you perform a keyword research with moz keyword explorer, four metrics will be shown for that keyword.

Monthly volume: shows you how often the keyword is searched
Difficulty: estimates how difficult it is to rank for that keyword than your competitors. It ranges from 0 – 100.
Organic CTR: estimates the percentages of clicks available to organic links on the serp.
Priority: combines all other metrics and shows it within the range of 0 – 100. A high priority indicates a higher keyword and organic CTR with lowered difficulty.
Moz keyword research
 10. Semrush   
 Semrush is a great keyword tool. It does not only allows you to carry out a keyword   research but to also do an seo audit, backlink analysis, advertising research, and a  whole lot more.
 With regards to keyword research, you only input a seed keyword into the  search bar and you get to see the volume and number of results of organic search for that keyword, you also get to see the cpc distribution as well as the cost per click and   competition for the keyword which is useful for advertisers.

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SEMrush keyword research
     Furthermore, it shows you the top 100 websites already  ranking for that   keyword. its a cool keyword tool to try out.
    Bonus tool

 Unlike other keyword tools, shows you long tail   keywords in relation to the seed keyword you input. Although  it only shows you the search volume of the keywords in the pro version, the free version is also great for searching long tail keywords.

These are our top ten keyword research tools including a bonus tool for you to try out. Tell us the ones you've tried out, the   ones you are yet to try and you are looking forward to use in the comment below. Don't forget to share this article with your friends, sharing is caring.

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