5 Power Tips On How To Write SEO Optimized Articles

SEO optimized articles

One of the factors that determine if an article will show up in the search engine result pages or SERPs is whether or not the content is SEO optimized.

So what is SEO optimized content? Seo optimized content is content that is produced along with search engine optimization guidelines. In other words, they are contents optimized in other for them to rank high on search engine results.

In this article, I’m going to take you through 5 powerful tips on how you can write SEO optimized contents for your website.

    1.   Decide on a topic

You obviously can’t write SEO optimized content if you have no content to write about. To write SEO content you first need to choose a topic to write about. One way to pick a topic is to brainstorm on what to write about.

Another way to choose what to write about is to be part of forum and sites like Quora and Reddit and look out for popular topics. To know if a topic is popular, look out if there are lots of questions asked about a particular topic.

You can also write on something that people care about. People tend to pay attention to something if it affects them either directly or indirectly. For instance, people care about their well-being in terms of their health. You can write about it if you want to write in the health niche. On whatever topic you want to write on, Make sure not to write on what others are not interested in even if you are passionate about it.

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Try to look out for blogs that have great topics in your niche. It is a great way to know which topics to write about. Check out other websites that have popular topics (you can use a tool; SEO rambler to search for popular contents based on a particular keyword) and create an article based on those topics.

Pro tip: Know your target audience; this would be helpful in deciding what to write about.

     2.   Carry out a keyword research

After brainstorming for topics and ideas, you need to research on the topics you choose. You need to enter these keywords into a keyword research tool to know their monthly search volume and to discover related keywords. These will help you in picking the right keywords that are relevant to your content and using the right keyword combination when writing.

     3.   Go lengthy

Now that you’ve researched and got the right keywords for your article, you need to write the content. But the question is how long should your article be? Be sure to have your article longer than 800 words. Although recent studies show that contents that are 2000+ words tend to rank best on search engines.

So why do search engines like longer posts? It is because they want you to provide value to people. Search engines believe that the longer a post is, the more useful information it contains and the more value it provides.

Pro tip: whenever you want to create content, analyze the top 10 results for your keyword on Google search engine. This would give you an idea of how long your content should be.
     4.   Include LSI keywords
Optimize your content with LSI keywords. LSI stands for latent semantic indexing. They are keywords that relate to your target keyword. Including LSI keywords in your content enable search engines to understand your content better.

A recent update in Google algorithm now makes it easier for Google to understand your content. Google now tries to predict what your content is all about based on your contents LSI keywords. And, the easier Google understand what your content is about, the more chance it has to rank high on SERPs. Two great tools for finding LSI keywords are LSIGraph.com and LSIKeywords.com
     5.   Write keyword-focused content

After you have found your LSI keyword, you need to make plans on how to write a keyword-focused content with your main and LSI keywords. The following are ways you can sprinkle your keywords throughout your content.

  • Page titles

Every page on a website has a title tag. It is a very important part of search engine optimization. The title tag tells the search engine and the users what the page is all about.

It is therefore vital to include all relevant keywords in your page title as it affects your website page rank. You should as much as possible limit your page title to not more than 70 characters or search engines will limit the number of characters in their results.

Pro tip: Make sure your page titles are descriptive, informative and include relevant keywords.

  •  Meta description

A Meta description is a Meta tag that describes what a page is about in not more than 160 characters.

Make sure that all relevant keywords are included in the Meta description of each page. The Meta description should be descriptive as it is not only used by the search engines but also by users.

Good Meta description determines the percentage of click-through rate or CTR you get, so you need to make them enticing. The Meta description should not exceed 160 characters including all punctuations and spaces.

  •    Image title and alt attribute

It’s important that you optimize the images you use in your content. To optimize images they need to have a title and an alt attribute.

The image title attribute gives additional information when a user cursor hovers over it. The image title is there to give the image a title.

  •  Alt attribute

The image alt attribute provides a description of the image in the case where the image is not able to load properly or the image is not displayed. For example, if you include an image of running shoes in your post, your alt tag attribute should be “running shoes”.

<img src= “running shoes.jpg alt= “running shoes”/>

Pro tip: never stuff your alt tags with keywords. It will do more harm than good on your page.


Follow these tips and you are on the way to the top. If you find these article helpful, don't forget to share it with your friends. If you also have any question, comment below and I will be glad to help in any way I can.

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