How to do article marketing

Article marketing is a technique that involves the use of articles to promote a business or product. These articles are put or placed in places that drive traffic to these products or business. The way this works is that links to these products or businesses are strategically placed within the article. Article marketing works great only if done right and could give lots of exposure if you are looking to promote a blog, business website and if you are into affiliate marketing.

Here in this article, am going to take you through 5 steps you need to follow if you want to do article marketing.

1. Choose a niche relating to what you want to promote.

To do article marketing, you have to first choose a relating niche. I guess you asking what a “relating niche” is. What I mean is to choose a niche to write on relating to what you are trying to promote or project out there. If you are trying to promote a health product, then you need to write on a health niche. If you want to promote a marketing tool, then you need to write on the marketing niche or if you want to promote a beauty product, you need to write on the beauty niche.

Choosing a niche relating to what you want to promote is important, you don’t want to promote a beauty product and you start writing in the health niche unless if they are somehow related.

2. Research keywords

After choosing a niche, you need to do keyword research and pick the right keywords. Article marketing is a numbers game; you need to drive traffic to the articles to make headway. When researching keywords, you need to choose keywords that have a considerable amount of search volume, by so doing you have a higher chance of your article showing up.

 Although this depends on other factors such as keyword competitiveness, the relevancy of your article, etcetera. 
There are many keyword research tools that you can use to search for good keywords. Personally, I use ubersuggest, keyword everywhere and word tracker and would recommend you use them to do your keyword research. You can also check out other amazing keyword research tools in our top ten keyword research tools.

3. Choose a good title

A good and not just any title plays an important role in the amount of traffic your article drives in. create a catchy title for your article as this will make people eager to know what’s behind that title to see the article. You can use a tool, Coschedule headline analyzer to check the strength of your title. Also, make sure that your title contains the keyword that you want to rank for, as this is good for SEO.

4. Write quality content

Recently Google places more importance on quality content over other things. So, try to make sure your article is of good quality. Quality here means providing value to people through your article, having less typo and grammar errors, etcetera.

Search engines want to make sure that their users see useful content when they search a term, so providing valuable content is likely to be shown to the users. Quality has to do with length, readability, and visual appeal. Recent studies show content over 1000 words tend to rank well on search engines.

 So try to make sure that tour article has a lot of useful details, that way you naturally have articles that are long. You should also always include lots of visual content in your articles; this improves the engagement of the article which increases its conversion. You can include images, videos or info graphics. 

It is the length, spelling and grammar, visual content that improves the overall value and readability of the article.

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5. Deliver in strategic places

After all the steps above, if your content doesn’t get seen by the right people, then you’ve done nothing. You need to deliver your article in places where they will get views. There are ways you can to deliver your article to your audience. They include:

· Personal blogging - this is the most popular way of article marketing. Just start a blog, create great contents, infuse your product/business links and promote your blog.

· Guest blogging ­­- it’s also a cool way of promoting your article. To do this, search for blogs/websites in your niche that accept guest posts and submit your article to them. Make sure they are super useful because that’s the only way your article will get accepted.

· Forums - you can also post your articles in forums to attract views to it.

· Directories – directories are also a good place to put articles. Look for good directories and place your article there. 

· Social media – you can use social media to promote your article, but don’t put up a whole article on social media platforms, nobody will read them. Instead, post the heading of the article or any catchy headline you consider appropriate (which must be short) and post a link to the article.

These are the 5 easy steps to follow if you want to do article marketing. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends, I'm sure they will find it helpful. Also drop a comment below if you have any question.

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